• Question: what's your favourite cheese?

    Asked by Sophie to Sally, James, David, Dan on 14 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: James Munro

      James Munro answered on 14 Mar 2019:

      I am cheese daft. Give me some mozzarella, edam, gouda or Jarlsberg any day of the week. Preferably melted over gnocchi or a briliant pizza. Oh yes!

    • Photo: Sally Tilt

      Sally Tilt answered on 14 Mar 2019:

      Who doesn’t love cheese? 🙂 I reckon I could enjoy pretty much enjoy all cheeses, but if I were to choose the King of Cheese prize, it would go to ‘Black Bomber’ – it’s a really strong cheddar – and great in combination with crackers, apples or (best of all) Christmas cake!

    • Photo: Dan Taylor

      Dan Taylor answered on 14 Mar 2019:

      This is probably my favourite and most important question that I’ve had to answer haha!
      Honestly I love me some cheese! And I’ll try everything once, I love mozzarella, brie, cheddar, even blue cheese! I generally have a passion for cheese all round! I’ve recently been really craving Camembert though, melted with some toasted ciabatta!

    • Photo: David Chadwick

      David Chadwick answered on 14 Mar 2019:

      Perhaps all the answers given by the other psychologists 🙂